Language of Basketball. Dunk, buzzer beater and Aviation Day

VTB-League.com is proud to present the Language of Basketball, featuring in-depth definitions of basketball terminology and jargon.

Each term is accompanied by video examples.

In our first edition of the Language of Basketball, we take a look at three words: dunk, buzzer beater and Aviation Day.

Dunk (also referred to as a slam dunk, jam, flush, throw down)
This is the most exciting and reliable way to collect two points. A player dunks by jumping above the rim and stuffing the ball in the basket. In addition to the points, dunking is a valuable psychological weapon, helping pump up the team and the crowd. Dunks demonstrate smart offense and the opponent's defensive shortcomings.

Many leagues around the world organize an annual slam dunk contest. Last season, there were two slam dunk champions in the VTB United League: James White (NBA) and Terrico White (Italy). But the league's most exciting dunker had to be Krasny Oktyabr guard Randy Culpepper. Despite standing a mere 182 cm, Culpepper can stir up any game with his heroics above the rim, and he was a regular participant on VTB-League.com highlight reels in the 2014-15 season. 

Buzzer beater
This word has also been adopted by Russian basketball fans. It refers to a game-winning or game-tying shot with no time left on the clock.

When it comes to basketball, buzzer beaters are not that rare. There were several in the VTB United League last season with one of the most memorable being Tyrese Rice's 3-point shot in overtime against CSKA during the regular season.

It wasn't a true buzzer beater, however, given the Army Men had a few seconds left for a response. Nonetheless, you don't need to look long to find another buzzer beater involving these two rivals. During the 2013-14 season, Khimki's James Augustine knocked out CSKA with a wild '3' in the final second. 

Aviation Day
This is a Russian term and describes what happens when an offensive player pump fakes and forces his defender to jump prematurely. As a result, the defender finds himself out of position, generally leading to an open shot or shooting foul.