Milos Teodosic:
"Anyone on our team could have been Playoffs MVP"

Following the conclusion of the VTB United League season, CSKA guard and Playoffs MVP Milos Teodosic spoke with VTB-League.com.

The Serbian playmaker shared his emotions after winning the title, looked back on his previous seasons with CSKA, rated Nizhny Novgorod’s chances in the Euroleague and talked about the turning point for his team in the VTB United League playoffs.

What are your emotions after winning the championship and coming to the end of a long season?
We showed character in winning these three series, nine playoff games, and I’m really happy that I’m part of this team. I’m so tired, it was a lot of games. It was very tough mentally after the Euroleague Final Four, but we dug deep and we showed everyone that we didn’t come to CSKA just for the money. We came to win titles. And we did that this season even after everyone thought that we were done.

Looking back, there were a lot of challenges this season, but what was the best moment for you?
We had a lot of good moments, although the best would have been winning the Euroleague. But, you know, this is the best moment right now. We’re champions.

Was this your best season individually at CSKA?
I can’t say this was my best season in Moscow. It’s hard to compare to my two previous seasons here. As you know, I don’t like talking about myself. But I don’t really see a big difference in my play last year or when Andrei Kirilenko was on the team. I more or less played the same. I gave everything to the team.

What does this MVP award mean to you?
Like I said, I was trying to play for the team. For me, the only important thing is for the team to win. The award that I got today, any one of us at CSKA could have received it. We really play like one big team.

When did you know that you could win the championship?
For sure, it was after the second game in Krasnodar. We didn’t want to give up, even though we were trailing 2-0 in the series. We were in a bad situation. But we went there and played two really good games. For me, that was a sign that we could win the league. In Krasnodar, we managed to find the right chemistry and energy and we managed to win the league.

What can you say about your opponent, Nizhny Novgorod, and their chances in the Euroleague next season?
They were great. They are a good team with a good coach and only 2 or 3 foreign players. I think they can have a good year in the Euroleague.

You’ve just played your final game for CSKA on your current contract. What are your future plans?
I feel like I’m a part of CSKA. But the question about whether I stay or leave shouldn't be directed at me. I really love this team. I can’t say anything else right now.

How much will the name of the new head coach impact your decision? You had some problems with Ettore Messina, after all, and now he’s leaving…
CSKA is a family. And sometimes there are problems within a family, so that’s normal. Just like it’s normal that sometimes, in certain situations, Messina and I had disagreements. Each of us wants what is best for the team, but each person has their own perspective. Personally, I have nothing against Ettore or my teammates. Disagreements are normal. The most important thing is the result. And now we’re champions!