VTB United League Congratulates National Team On Victory, Loko Celebrates Birthday

League president emeritus Sergei Ivanov, president Sergey Kushchenko, and general director Ilona Korstin visited Krasnodar for today's final EuroBasket 2017 qualifying game featuring the Russian national team.

Sergei Bazarevich's squad had already clinched a spot in next year's tournament, and wrapped up qualifying with a 63-59 victory over Sweden, finishing with a perfect 4-0 record.

VTB United League club Lokomotiv-Kuban also celebrated its 70th birthday today. League executives participated in the Basketball Day festivities outside the arena, which included a celebrity game (Sergei Ivanov coached the Legends Team, which featured Sergey Kushchenko and Ilona Korstin on the roster).

After the game, the club held an official ceremony to celebrate its 70-year jubilee.