Victor Khryapa — MVP of VTB United League regular season


Russian Forward of CSKA Victor Khryapa is recognized to be MVP (Most Valuable Player) of the Regular Season of VTB United League, season 2009/2010. The holder of this title was defined according to the result of the voting of the Heads of 8 clubs-participants of VTB United League that also named best players according to the results of each Tour of Group Round of the Tournament.
MVP of the Regular Season was defined as a result of the sum of marks collected by the contenders for the mentioning in the number of laureates of all 6 Rounds (the player received 3 points for the title of MVP, and 1 point for getting into best 5 players) and in the best 3 players according to the opinion of the Heads of the Clubs (3 points were awarded for the 1st place, 2 — for 2nd, 1 for 3rd) Thereby Victor Khryapa got 14 points. His main rivals in the duel for the honored title became Croatian Playmaker of UNICS Marko Popovic (with 12 points) and American Guard of «Zalgiris» Marcus Brown (with 11 points).
The Awarding Ceremony of the «Most Valuable Player» of VTB United League Regular Season will be held on the 21st January during Final Four in Kaunas.

Voting of the Heads of the Clubs:

Andrey Vatutin, CSKA President:
1. Khryapa (CSKA). 2. Brown («Zalgiris».). 3. Popovic (UNICS).
Evgeny Bogachev, UNICS President:
1. Popovic (Unics). 2. Siskauskas (CSKA). 3. Langford («Khimki»).
Viktor Bychkov, Director General of «Khimki»:
1. Langford («Khimki»). 2. Kaun (CSKA). 3. Loncar (UNICS).
Paulius Motejunas, Director General of «Zalgiris»:
1. Khryapa (CSKA). 2. Popovic (UNICS). 3. Brown («Zalgiris»).
Boris Maletskiy, Vice-President of «Azovmash»:
1. Khryapa (CSKA). 2. Brown («Zalgiris»). 3. Popovic (UNICS).
Ivar Valdmaa, «Kalev» President:
1. Kaun (CSKA). 2. Salenga («Zalgiris»). 3. Kirles («Kalev»).
Edgars Janups, Director General of VEF:
1. Jankunas («Khimki»). 2. Holden (CSKA). 3. Drozdov (BC «Donetsk»)
Evgeny Avtusenko, Sports Director of BC «Donetsk»:
1. Javtokas («Khimki»). 2. Langdon (CSKA). 3. Perry (BC «Donetsk»).

Mentioning in the lists of the best in 6 Tours of Group Round:

Brown («Zalgiris») — 6 points (2 titles of MVP of Tour). Khryapa (CSKA), Popovic (UNICS) — 5 points, Langford («Khimki»), Vorontsevich (CSKA) — 3 points (each has title of MVP of Tour), Owens («Donetsk»), Renfrua (VEF) — 2 points, Mozgov, Jankunas, Javtokas, McCarty (all — «Khimki»), Pocius, Janavicius, Watson (all from «Zalgiris»), Loncar, Stombergas, Zamanskiy (all from UNICS), Daniels, Rizvic (both from «Azovmash»), Kaun, Planinic (both from CSKA), Mazeika (VEF), Drozdov (BC «Donetsk») — 1 point.

Result — Best Five Players:

1. Victor Khryapa (CSKA) — 14 points
2. Marko Popovic (UNICS) — 12 points
3. Marcus Brown («Zalgiris») — 11 points
4. Keith Langford («Khimki») — 7 points
5. Alexander Kaun (CSKA) — 6 points