Decision from December 23, 2015

The VTB United League Directorate has reviewed the number of fans in attendance at UNICS home games. Following an analysis of UNICS's home attendance by the league's sports department, the Directorate has ruled:

- To annul the attendance stats provided in the following official game reports: UNICS - Tsmoki-Minsk, UNICS - Nymburk, UNICS - Avtodor, UNICS - Khimki, UNICS - Nizhny Novgorod and UNICS - Kalev. The actual number of spectators should be added to the game reports, as follows:

UNICS - Tsmoki-Minsk. Attendance: 1400
UNICS - Nymburk. Attendance: 900
UNICS - Avtodor. Attendance: 1200
UNICS - Khimki. Attendance: 2500
UNICS - Nizhny Novgorod. Attendance: 1900
UNICS - Kalev. Attendance: 900

- UNICS receives a warning that it must provide accurate attendance statistics in the official game report.

- Commissioners Igor Lebedev and Sergei Fomin receive one-week suspensions from VTB United League games. Commissioner Mikhail Davydov receives a warning on the necessity of checking the stats in the game report, concerning the number of spectators at a game.

The decision takes effect on December 23, 2015.