Clubs Meet In Moscow

The League's clubs met today in Moscow, and reached the following decisions:

- 13 teams will take part in the 2016-17 VTB United League season.

- The VTB United League All-Star Game will be held on February 12. The format and location are to be determined.

- In the near future, the VTB United League will assume responsibility for producing the TV signal at games. The goal is to create a modern, high-quality product, standardize the schedule and broadcast in HD.

League general director Ilona Korstin:
- Today's meeting was productive. Deciding on the number of participating teams was at the top of the agenda. In the end, we agreed that 13 teams would compete in the 2016-17 VTB United League.

In addition, we decided on a date for the VTB United League All-Star Game, which will be held February 12. It's possible the game will have a Russia vs. International format, but that is still being discussed, as is the location. Sochi and Krasnodar are among the candidates.

We touched on another important topic at the meeting: Taking a new approach to how the TV signal is produced at arenas. The League plans to take its broadcasts to the next level and improve the quality, while standardizing the schedule. We took an important step in that direction today.