VTB United League is a club competition created in 2008 for the purpose of consolidation of leading clubs of the Eastern Europe. The basic principles of the League, proclaimed by clubs themselves and national basketball federations are democracy and sports principal.

The first step of VTB United League was holding of the Promo-Cup in Moscow in December 2008 in which 8 teams from Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Latvia and Poland took part. 8 clubs from Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia took part in the first full-fledged season of the League - the championship-2009/10. Next season 12 clubs from 8 countries – Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Belarus and Finland already played in the tournament.

 VTB United League hasn’t stopped at it, continuing the expansion of geography of the competition and increasing a number of teams-participants. 22 clubs from 10 countries – Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Finland, Czech Republic and Kazakhstan started in the third in the history season taking into account a qualifying round.

The top 20 clubs from Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic, Belarus and Kazakhstan competed in the fourth-ever VTB United League season. In addition to playing for the championship, a berth in the Euroleague qualifying tournament was at stake for the first time. The Russian clubs in the competition also earned European cup places, depending on their performance in the League.

The 2013-2014 season featured the same format as the previous year, with 20 clubs from those nine countries competing. In addition to the championship trophy and berth in the Euroleague qualifying tournament, the title of Russian champion was at stake for the first time ever, going to the top Russian club in VTB United League competition.

16 clubs took part in the 2015-16 season, representing Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Finland, which returns after a five-year absence. The competition format has changed: There will be no groups and clubs will play each other twice during the regular session, with the postseason to follow.

16 clubs from 8 countries (Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Finland and Georgia) will compete in the VTB United League's 7th season. The competition format will remain the same: a round robin regular season schedule followed by the postseason.