League Players And Fans Cheer On Russian National Team

VTB United League players and fans are rallying behind the Russian national team ahead of EuroBasket qualifying.

Russian clubs and fans from around the country have been uploading videos to show their support and we've selected the best clips for you to enjoy.

Parma fans have been among the most active on social media. Natalia Krechetova was one of the first to upload a video with the hashtags #главнаякомандастраны and #вместесосборной.

Elena Vasilyeva's clip got more than 700 views on Vkontakte.

Alexander Romanov got creative on Instagram, opening an account to join the campaign.

"They set an example for us:" Youth players in Perm put together a motivational video.

Perm fans together with Parma press officer Ekaterina Kudryavtseva:

Members of the League's newest team, Ivan Nelyubov, Ivan Ukhov and Nikita Barinov, also got in on the action:

UNICS forward Vadim Panin had some words of encouragement...

...and so did campers at UNICS's Step Together basketball camp:

Lokomotiv-Kuban players are also rooting hard for the Russian squad

Meanwhile, an adorable young Krasnodar fan went viral on Instagram earlier this week:


Видео опубликовано @boutique_n_1

The contest  winner will be selected at the end of the second home qualifier, to be held September 17 in Krasnodar.